Countdown to Ed Fest 4

And so, one more sleep to go and then we are off to Edinburgh.  Cases packed and double checked (triple check tomorrow morning) and very much looking forward to our first time performing at the Fringe.  I picked up on a really useful piece of advice today on Twitter from @fringereview who tweeted that the Fringe need not be a rat race and you don’t need to race to enjoy it.  That really hit home for me, as I had started to feel the rat race groove, inadvertently being drawn in to an unknown environment.  This has put me much more at ease.

And so to travel, flying from Bristol tomorrow for our exceptionally early get-in on Saturday morning (6am!!) and opening show at 11am.
Hopping over to Dance Base later on then to see Andy Howitt’s show GOD – grumpy old dancer and do a bit of networking.  Second show on Sunday morning at 11am and fly back Sunday night.

As one trip finishes another one starts – we travel to Germany on Tuesday for a week spent in preparing for the Tanz@Namedy Festival curated by Gary Lambert.  But more about that next week.

Thanks for following my Ed Fest countdowns, chat soon….

sue lewis

Countdown to Ed Fest 3

Getting very excited now, as there are only 2 more days to go before we jet off to Edinburgh.

Today’s activities include the final editing of the music for Five Dances, composed for FFIN DANCE by Sheffield based Jenny Jackson and played by Platform 4, and for Synapsequence, again composed for FFIN DANCE by Ronen Kozokaro.

We will miss Platform 4 very much, as they usually play live for our performances of Five Dances, it’s not quite the same without you!
More packing of leads, plugs, gaffa, flyers, programmes etc… remembering that we don’t have our tour truck and flight cases with us and we need to carry it all with hand luggage is a bit of a struggle.

Packing my own personal stuff proving to be a struggle too, not really sure what to take (I don’t really do jeans and trainers!)

And not forgetting to print off our boarding passes for the flight – the FFIN family is almost ready to hit the Edinburgh Fringe – have you booked YOUR tickets yet?

sue lewis

Countdown to Ed Fest 2

Just 3 more sleeps and then it’s off to Edinburgh, we are all pretty excited now!  The programmes are printed, the lists are complete and we are making new Edfest friends daily.  The camaraderie between the performers is something else, can’t wait to actually meet the people that we have been tweeting with and exchanging FB messages.

This time last year, we were hoping that we may get invited to perform in a European Arts Festival, we never imagined that it would be the biggest one on the planet….

Susana B Williams of Danceforms Productions USA has been an exceptional support for us during the lead-up to the Festival.  Being first-timers at the Fringe, could have been a really daunting experience, but Susana has given us her experienced advice on all occasions.

Packing not really happening until Thursday, but it’s all laid out and ready to go.  Anyone got a reliable forecast of the weather?

Please keep following our countdown blogs and keep updated with our preparations.

sue lewis

Countdown to Ed Fest 1

After the most crazy 2 weeks, I can now settle down to picking up the threads of organising the last minute details for our trip to Edinburgh.  It seems like ages since we were booked by Susana B. Williams to perform as part of Dance Forms Productions (USA) 60th Choreographer’s Showcase at the Fringe Festival, and now we are just 6 days away!

The company is looking fantastic, and we are all looking forward to our first experience at the Fringe.  Labelled the largest arts festival in the world, we are anticipating a great opportunity to showcase FFIN DANCE and what we have on offer to the world’s audience. Networking opportunities galore we hope!

So today:

lists, maps, phone calls, programme printing, lists, lists ..

See you tomorrow for another update on our countdown to Ed Fest.  In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook

sue lewis


Just 23 days to go!

Just another 23 days and we will open our show Connections in the Fringe Festival

August 4th and 5th as part of Danceforms 60th Choreographers’ Showcase at C venues

Our both shows are 11am, we’d love to have a chat to you after the show – very much looking forward to performing in Scotland for the first time and making new friends!

Please follow this link for bookings