Packed House

Laura Mumford Photography

Last Saturday was our 5th annual Winter Dance Faktry Festival held at our home base in The Met in Abertillery.

64 community dancers, 10 professional dancers, 2 photographers, 6 volunteers and 3 technicians brought together a showcase performance that ranged from professional dance pieces to works in progress that have been made during community projects over the past term.

We were joined by professional dance companies Ceyda Tanc Dance and Exim Dance, together with our youth groups from the community.

I am delighted to say that we played to a packed house, full not only of excited and supportive parents and friends but also the general public who wanted to come and share our work.  The comments and feedback that we have received have been overwhelming with many congratulations on our achievements.

The Festival has grown and developed over the years and each year sees us making new friends and links and truly is a great celebration of our work and commitment to providing opportunities for young dancers and choreographers to stage their work with professional guidance and support.

Easter Dance Faktry Festival 2013 will be our next venture, we look forward to seeing you all again

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sue lewis

Wade In The Water 3

Wade In The Water

After another productive day down at TR2 in Plymouth the piece is finally finished!

It’s been such a fun piece to make and both Emma and I have really enjoyed getting to develop our characters within the piece, letting our personalities come through.


Emma and I have quite a close relationship anyway because we have been dancing together for 3 years (and we live together!), there is a lot of trust there which I think has helped us creatively.

After spending most of the morning in a cardboard box throwing clothes around we were able to work all afternoon piecing together the final section with help form Kathryn Hawken who popped in to offer her dramaturgic eye. Her feedback and input really helped especially as this is the first time she has seen the piece.

It was great to get an idea of what an audience might read from the piece. I think one thing we all realised today was that there is a lot of scope in what we have created and when finished we will more than likely have a 40 minute piece with this just being a short extract from it.

We then had to take a short trip to perform the finished piece for Magdalaina Walker our wonderful musician so she can finish off the music for us tonight.

So – tomorrow we are working down at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth from the day to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse ready for our road trip to Wales on Friday!

I’m so excited to be part of the Winter Dance Faktry Festival , it’s such an amazing opportunity for us to reach a totally new audience and a great chance to take a road trip to Wales!  Hope you can join us.

Claire Summers
Dancer – Wade In The Water and Co-Director of Exim Dance Company

Wade In The Water 2

Wade In The Water

Today’s rehearsal consisted of creative tasks and improvisation. This resulted in some more interesting movement phrases being made for us to work on and incorporate into our work so far.

This week will be mainly rehearsing and cementing the material we already have but it was helpful to get a final day of creating new movement.

With lots to play with, our beautiful musician Magdalena came in to watch and played us recordings she has made for the piece so far. We are extremely happy with what she has produced and are excited to get moving to the gorgeous music she has made!

With the majority of material in place and some music to play with, this week we will be defining our characters, clarifying our movements and finishing wade in the water as it is to a high performance standard!

Excited for the weekend :

Exim Dance

Brace, brace…

photo Paul Trask

I’m preparing for a crazy week ahead.  In spite of the fact that FFIN DANCE is not a Dance In Education company, we have a real passion for excellence and high quality in our youth and community programme.  I am not ashamed to say that and make no bones about the fact that quality open happens when you care enough to do your best.  Sometimes, high expectations can be unfashionable and not trendy, we at FFIN DANCE don’t buy into that philosphy.

At the forthcoming Winter Dance Faktry Festival this Saturday, we are showcasing our community projects with some children who have been dancing for just 3 weeks, together with others who have been dancing a lot longer.  However, we still have a very high ask of them.  We will be holding a week of intensive rehearsals with them this week.

On Friday and Saturday, our guest companies, Ceyda Tanc Dance and Exim Dance will be coming to Wales to our studio to work with us on production and technical details.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming them to our home.

Throughout the week, there will be various blog posts, we hope you’ll join us …

sue lewis

Wade In The Water 1

Wade In The Water

Rehearsals for our newest piece, Wade in The Water are going really well. We had our first work in progress performance on Thursday night (8/11/12) and considering small rush to create material, we received positive feedback from the other performers and artists.

We are currently working on 3 separate sections of the performance, which we aim to fragment and mix up for the final performance. Our first section we have completed a solid chunk of which we feel is working really well. Our feedback from the performance gave us a few new ideas to be working with and our new venture in the use of props is proving rich in terms of new movement vocabulary and ideas.

Not long to go now until our performance in the FFIN DANCE Winter Dance Faktry Festival in Abertillery, Wales. We are feeling really positive with how the piece is progressing and look forward to the performance here. Our latest work has been on some new lifts and contact work, it’s been risky stuff, almost resulting in a broken arm in our first contact rehearsal! It’s really refreshing for us to work in the way that we have for this duet and are excited for the outcome of the finished piece!

Exim Dance

All Systems Go

Photo Paul Trask
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Each year passes and we sit down and plan the diary – and we all agree that one of our highlights of the dance faktry year is the Winter Dance Faktry Festival.  As you know the dance faktry is our education and outreach unit of FFIN DANCE, where we undertake vital dance activity in the community.  I truly believe that dance can change your life for the good, and in over 30 years experience I have proof of this.

This year we have invited 2 emerging professional dance companies Ceyda Tanc Dance and Exim Dance to present their work in our platform.  We are committed to supporting emerging choreographers and dancers and we will be offering guidance and support to the 2 companies not just at the WDFF but through the coming months for them, preparing to show their work across the UK.

Working with children and young people in the Abertillery area has been a privilege and joy, I feel forever very humbled knowing that we have been a small part of their love for dance.  We are looking forward to showing work we created for New Ground, Six Bells Kids Club, Scarf Dance, Abertillery Youth Dance Company and presenting the 2 Blaenau Gwent Youth Dance Companies -The Move and JAM.

We hope that you can support our Festival and show these young artists that they have a future in the arts.  You can support by attending the Festival on November 17th at The Met in Abertillery or by making a donation to our future work with young people

Supporting the Festival
The Met Box Office


sue lewis

Winter Dance Faktry Festival

Abertillery Youth Dance Company
Photo Paul Trask

Our next performance will be on Saturday 17th November 2012 at 7.30pm at The Met, Abertillery NP13 1AL

We will be showcasing our work in the community and will be presenting the work of 2 emerging professional companies:

Exim Dance (Plymouth)
Ceyda Tanc Dance (London)

Our company dancer Adam Murphy will be making a work for children in the Abertillery area, and our youth volunteer Olivia Davies will be making her choreographic debut making work with the children of Six Bells.


Ticket prices £8 and £6 (early bird prices £7 and £5 if purchased before the day of the show)

Box Office 01495 322510 (9am – 5pm week days)

Winter Dance Faktry Festival – Guest Companies

FFIN DANCE is happy to be promoting the work of companies:

Ceyda Tanc Dance
Exim Dance

Ceyda Tanc Dance

Exim Dance

The both companies will be performing in the popular Winter Dance Faktry Festival that is hosted by FFIN DANCE in our home theatre, the Met in Abertillery, Wales

Work of other emerging choreographers will also be shown including Adam Murphy of FFIN DANCE, Olivia Davies (FFIN youth company New Ground) and community dance groups Abertillery Youth Dance, Blaenau Gwent Youth Dance Companies and SCARF Dance

We hope that you will support our Festival on November 17th at 7.30pm




Tickets from the box office 01495 322510 prices £7 and £5 (tickets prices £1 extra each ticket if purchased on the day of the show)

Ceyda Tanc Dance        Exim Dance