Online work placements

We are pleased to share with you that we will be facilitating online work placements for 2 students from the University of Roehampton. They will be joining our Zoom classes on a Monday and Thursday, observing our teaching techniques and helping to lead online sessions. They start next week (18th January 2021).

We are most happy to be working with the University of Roehampton as a partner organisation and we look forward to welcoming Nicole and Rachel to our classes.

Louis Day 4


Today has been amazing. It began by starting a new track on Garage Band which gave birth to the Lewis and Louis collaboration. We then moved some of the final parts of the FFIN equipment from the Metropole to the new offices in Abertillery.

I then started my dance CV. It was really hard to remember all the dance schools and groups I have been a part of, but was really fun seeing the progress I have made from Jam (Blaenau Gwent Junior Youth) all the way to The Move (Blaenau Gwent Youth Dance Company) . 😀

I then went and watched the rehearsals of the under 11’s group Leapers. This was really fun as I got to see how a teacher can teach dancers from 3-adult. It was REALLY fun and would love to do it again.  I cant believe that the week is nearly over :C.

I will update the final part of my blog soon about what the final day at FFIN DANCE has in store for me.

Louis. 😀

Louis Day 2

Day 2 at FFIN DANCE began very differently to day 1. It began with meeting the current company dancers: Effie, Megan, Mike and Catrin.

I watched Megan teach class and saw that the dancers treated her with the utmost respect and the relationship between the dancers was fantastic. They laughed and had a good time together but when it came to it the dance they produced in the 6 hours I was there it was amazing.

Alice Ridding from 3VTV came in to the rehearsal and showed us a documentary that she had created about the Assistant to the Director of FFIN DANCE, Megan. The content and quality of the video was fantastic and was a real insight to the life of a FFIN dancer (the Documentary can be viewed soon on 3VTV)

The second part of the day was focused on repertory (of the two pieces 5 Dances and Synapsequence.  I saw how the dancers worked together as a whole to polish and perfect each piece and tighten the unison work.

Today has been a great way of looking into the dancer’s world and great in discovering how a dancer’s average day would be. This has pushed me into the knowledge that this is the way I would like to take my life and become a professional dancer. I will report on tomorrow’s discoveries very soon.

Louis 😀