Wade In The Water 3

Wade In The Water

After another productive day down at TR2 in Plymouth the piece is finally finished!

It’s been such a fun piece to make and both Emma and I have really enjoyed getting to develop our characters within the piece, letting our personalities come through.


Emma and I have quite a close relationship anyway because we have been dancing together for 3 years (and we live together!), there is a lot of trust there which I think has helped us creatively.

After spending most of the morning in a cardboard box throwing clothes around we were able to work all afternoon piecing together the final section with help form Kathryn Hawken who popped in to offer her dramaturgic eye. Her feedback and input really helped especially as this is the first time she has seen the piece.

It was great to get an idea of what an audience might read from the piece. I think one thing we all realised today was that there is a lot of scope in what we have created and when finished we will more than likely have a 40 minute piece with this just being a short extract from it.

We then had to take a short trip to perform the finished piece for Magdalaina Walker our wonderful musician so she can finish off the music for us tonight.

So – tomorrow we are working down at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth from the day to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse ready for our road trip to Wales on Friday!

I’m so excited to be part of the Winter Dance Faktry Festival , it’s such an amazing opportunity for us to reach a totally new audience and a great chance to take a road trip to Wales!  Hope you can join us.

Claire Summers
Dancer – Wade In The Water and Co-Director of Exim Dance Company