Going for a run…

Picasso 3 women under a treeSo today saw us slot together the jigsaw pieces and go for a first run of Fascination, Sue’s latest work for the company. It’s certainly an exciting stage to reach (with the exhilaration augmented by the fire alarm going off mid-way through!) – you get your first taste of what the piece will be like to perform and start to make sense of it in its entirety.

The different sections of the piece have not been created in a chronological order of how the final piece runs, as is often the case in the creative process. At the start of the day, we knew that we had one final piece of the puzzle to crack before we could string all of the sections together.

What is particularly interesting about this newest addition is that it is going to be a structured improvisation on each occasion that the piece is performed. So essentially, the movement itself hasn’t already been pre-determined; within given parameters we will make different choices in the spur of the moment each time we dance the piece. I think that this is going to be a really interesting challenge for us to maintain a sense of freshness in our decision making whilst simultaneously improvising movement and avoiding looking like rabbits caught in the headlights!

All in all, a good day’s work – from hereon in we will start to clarify our own internal narrative and physical pathway through the piece. If the first run is anything to go by we’re onto a cracker, with a fair amount of vogue sweatiness thrown in for good measure!

Effie 🙂

Change is in the air…

_PRT5070-EditReturning to the valleys for rehearsals this time around has had a really heightened sense of change for me. For a start, it feels like the intervening time from when I was last here in May has been particularly long, on top of that, both Meg and Mike who have been constants since my first Ffin encounters have moved on to pastures new. Oh, and even the family who I stay with during my time here have moved house – adding an extra half hour of driving round lost at the end of my commute here last weekend: trying to negotiate roadworks and ignoring the satnav’s instructions to mosey on through no-entry signs and the wrong way down one-way streets!

Change is what keeps you moving forward though – and let’s face it we’re bang on trend, even coinciding with regeneration on Doctor Who! Our first week back in rehearsals has been fresh and challenging – we have welcomed Natasha Wade and it is lovely to have her as a new input into company life. Each day of the week has resulted in the creation of material with distinctly different energies and I look forward to seeing how Sue will weave this all together next week.

So here’s to embracing change, putting our best feet forward and seeing what new journeys emerge in our pieces and that our 2015 tour will take us on…

Effie 🙂


Picasso Three Dancers

Picasso Three Dancers

In less than 2 days time, I will be back in the studio with the dancers making my new piece for the company – Fascination.
The work centres around the fascination that the artist Picasso had for painting 3 figures in much of his work. Three musicians, three dancers, three women, three bathers and more. This fascination with three, called triaphilia, has inspired artists and designers for many centuries and still continues into our daily lives: sneeze three times and make a wish, knock three times before you enter, bad luck comes in threes et al. The figure three also has magical and spiritual connotations like the Trinity, 3 pyramids at Gaza, faith/hope/charity.
It’s this fascination that we will be looking at.

We welcome new company dancer Natasha Wade into our studio on Monday, we hope that she will enjoy being a part of our team and wish her well.

I’ll be tweeting and posting on our Facebook and Instagram profiles over the next couple of weeks, hope you’ll join us on our journey.


sue lewis