Degrees of Freedom

Choreography: Gary Lambert
Sound score: Otis Lift
Original lighting: Ross Cameron

Degrees of Freedom was first commissioned for Edinburgh Dance Base in 2004 for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and will form part of the new triple bill for FFIN DANCE  – Inspired

The work was initially a response to limitations impacted on the body after a long career in dance; it explored the changing identity of the body and its relationship to the physical. The work was initially set through a series of improvisations that followed the physical theme of limitation due to physical degeneration.For the original performer/choreographer, it was the recognition of an end of a known type of physicality and a wrapping up of a performance career that had span over twenty years. (There are no meanings, just a habitual need to move)

It’s an intimate solo work exploring the changing identity of the body and its relationship to the physical and I will be working with company dancer Megan Griffiths to make a new work on her using the original piece as a starting point.

 “A day in Lambert’s universe leaves the audience alert and amazed. His expressive strength resides in articulating with efficiency an aesthetic that captures the attention of the audience and at the same time demanding from it to focus on the detail of each movement” DANZAHOY

“Gary Lambert – a personal aesthetic” Susana B. Williams

I am very much looking forward to seeing what new qualities will be brought about as we work in the studio, and look forward to sharing that with Megan and of course you the audience.

Gary Lambert