Popping in some paint

D-cay Image Paul Trask

Image Paul Trask

With advent moving closer towards us, I thought to write a wee blog for the Ffin followers amongst you. Yes, November has been a long one, nevertheless, the company has seen some great progress and involvement with bookings, collaborations and feedback etc. Our Artistic Director Sue and photographer Paul Trask have been putting in the hours to deliver some marvelous marketing material for the season as the dancers and I sit back to wait and see who’s made the perfect “poster pose”! You can see some of the images for D-cay in the gallery sometime later this week.

Working on the practical section of D-cay with Natasha and Effie was an absolute joy! It’s always a cracking feeling when folk recognize your trail of thought during studio time. The dancers work both together and independently for each section, welcoming any disruptions from a spoken text sound score. We introduced sensations getting lost to extremes that measure up to no other feeling. Now having an outline to D-cay it is essentially a case of popping in some paint to really stress the initial idea.

With footage soon to be at hand, my collaborator, film editor and research junky Jose Macabra prepares to figure out order, placement and lighting specs. Remarkably exciting times ahead!
Thanks for reading all and have a lovely week.


Life with the company

End ofWhat an amazing and inspiring two weeks I’ve had in the studio with FFIN DANCE! I would like to thank Sue, Catrin, Effie and Natasha for making my experience such an enjoyable one, by making me feel welcome and part of the team. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time in the studio with you all.

Through joining company class with Ffin every morning and observing rehearsals in the afternoon, as well as learning sections of repertoire I was able to gain an insight into what it is like to be a part of a professional dance company. The dancers were always happy to help, advise and encourage me during class and as a result I have learnt so much more about myself as a dancer and areas in which I need to improve.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling experience of life in a professional dance company. It is a totally different environment to the training provided at university, and therefore I feel any opportunities given by dance companies to post graduates is invaluable to help bridge the gap between training and obtaining a professional job.

I have definitely taken a lot from my time with the company and appreciate all their guidance. I can’t thank them all enough!! I would recommend Ffin and the opportunities they offer to all post graduates looking to develop a professional dance career.

I am really looking forward to seeing the dancers perform their finished pieces on stage next year as part of their 2015 The Power Of 3 Tour!

Emma Jenkins


fractalpic1And so, with less than a week to go, I am turning my thoughts back to my research in readiness for my new work Fractal.

Next week sees the eagerly awaited period which sees the dancers return back to the studio, when I will be working with them to create Fractal.

To a mathematician a fractal is exceptionally difficult to define, and indeed there are differing theories ranging from geometrical patterns to processes in time.  However I will be looking at the part of a fractal that deals with self similarity.  For example how a piece of broccoli can be very similar to the whole thing; the tiny intricate detail that is involved.

With this detail and intricacy considered I will be setting the material to the divinely complex English Suite no 3 by JS Bach.  Have a listen to one of the tracks here ~

I’m sitting in my kitchen looking out at the wonderful autumn colour and seeing the wonder of nature all around, inspiration at its most modest time.  Having just made the first of my Christmas goodies, some lovely Elderberry Gin, time to start thinking of the earth going to sleep, but our plans and ideas coming to full fruition.
We’ll be blogging our time in the studio, please join us on our journey …

sue lewis