Fractal 2

fractalpic1Later on today I will be back in our home studio in Abertillery for Day 3 making my new work Fractal.
The dancers have been working from the score of Bach’s English Suite no 3 following the intricate and recurring rhythmic patterns of each movement where they have been creating individual movement patterns within this framework.  Very complex and detailed.

The thinking behind this involves the subject matter of the work – fractals – where a small piece of a whole entity resembles the entire thing.  With this in mind, all of the dancers have also learnt each others’ patterns in order for them to experience the other fragments of the whole work.

I’m very pleased with the depth and quality of what we’ve achieved this far, and very much looking forward to shaping these lovely solos.  The whole work will unfold a series of solo episodes with occasional glimpses of the “whole” manifested in duets and a quartet.

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sue lewis

Full stop


Missing Pages Image Paul Trask

Missing Pages
Image Paul Trask

Our Inspired Tour has come to an end, with a marvellous 5 days in the German Rhineland, our home from home.  Originally planned as one performance, this sold out with 2 weeks to go; another performance was consequently added which also sold out!  Standing ovations and 4 encores at each performance, our German audience absolutely loved Inspired.

The season has been exceptional with the dancers and technical crew really fitting into the 3 pieces of work, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, guest artists, our FFIN Friends and sponsors, our Board and of course you our audience and friends for making it such a success.
As many of you know, we are not funded by the Arts Council (neither England or Wales) and we manage our company as a social enterprise and business. This has in turn I believe, made us stronger and ultimately more skilled – learning new business skills, marketing, promotion and budget management, skills not always natural to an artist.  We have made some marvellous friendships and lasting links with like-minded people which may not have occurred had we been part of the mainstream.  So a little word of encouragement to those struggling with funding – keep at it and have faith.

This is my last day in the office before taking a short break to the lovely hills above Malaga in Spain.  As well as hopes of sitting reading numerous books, cooking delicious fresh food, sampling local sherries and wines, I will be working on my new piece for next season.  It’s an episodic series of solos set to some of the divine Bach Partitas, using the concept of repeated patterns in nature and science: it’s called FRACTAL.  It will make up the 3rd piece of our new triple bill with a piece by new company dancer Catrin Lewis, entitled Stand Up Straight which examines the medical condition Vertigo together with a brand new piece made for us by our Associate Choreographer Gary Lambert.

The new show carries the strap line – Still Standing – look out for our tweets and further blogs.

Until then adiós amigos, hasta pronto

sue lewis