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Missing Pages Image Paul Trask

Missing Pages
Image Paul Trask

Our Inspired Tour has come to an end, with a marvellous 5 days in the German Rhineland, our home from home.  Originally planned as one performance, this sold out with 2 weeks to go; another performance was consequently added which also sold out!  Standing ovations and 4 encores at each performance, our German audience absolutely loved Inspired.

The season has been exceptional with the dancers and technical crew really fitting into the 3 pieces of work, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, guest artists, our FFIN Friends and sponsors, our Board and of course you our audience and friends for making it such a success.
As many of you know, we are not funded by the Arts Council (neither England or Wales) and we manage our company as a social enterprise and business. This has in turn I believe, made us stronger and ultimately more skilled – learning new business skills, marketing, promotion and budget management, skills not always natural to an artist.  We have made some marvellous friendships and lasting links with like-minded people which may not have occurred had we been part of the mainstream.  So a little word of encouragement to those struggling with funding – keep at it and have faith.

This is my last day in the office before taking a short break to the lovely hills above Malaga in Spain.  As well as hopes of sitting reading numerous books, cooking delicious fresh food, sampling local sherries and wines, I will be working on my new piece for next season.  It’s an episodic series of solos set to some of the divine Bach Partitas, using the concept of repeated patterns in nature and science: it’s called FRACTAL.  It will make up the 3rd piece of our new triple bill with a piece by new company dancer Catrin Lewis, entitled Stand Up Straight which examines the medical condition Vertigo together with a brand new piece made for us by our Associate Choreographer Gary Lambert.

The new show carries the strap line – Still Standing – look out for our tweets and further blogs.

Until then adiós amigos, hasta pronto

sue lewis

Last UK date of Inspired Tour 2013

Our last UK tour date for our current triple bill of dance ~ Inspired will be Thursday 6th June at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

The show starts at 7.30pm, tickets priced £10, £8.  Please follow this link for booking

poster Inspired

Inspired leaving the nest

Missing Pages Image Paul Trask

Missing Pages
Image Paul Trask

And so here we are, it’s the opening of our tour Inspired 2013,  we open at Laban Theatre London this evening. How exciting.

Yesterday we spent the day in Studio 7 at Trinity Laban rehearsing all 3 pieces – Missing Pages, Degrees of Freedom and Axiom Tangent, putting the FFIN machine into action.  Whilst the dancers were in the studio, there was a whole lot of technical stuff going on in the theatre. The Laban Theatre technical crew under the direction of Fay Patterson, were rigging and focussing lights together with Mark Read our production manager, and setting the stage ready for today’s technical and dress rehearsals.

Photographer Paul Trask has spent the last 2 days observing the pieces and getting a good grip on some tasty shots that he will be taking for promotional material for the company.  He is an amazing artist, he will watch and wait and always seems to capture the essence of our work in his images.  We’re all looking forward to seeing the results, which of course we will share with you.

During the day, I met up with Ronen Kozokaro (composer of Synapsequence) and Oli Newman (composer of Axiom Tangent) which was great.  Made some new friends which is always good and met up with some familiar ones too – how come work is such good fun?

And so today has come – opening night later tonight – and time for Gary and I to hand over our work to the dancers and the production team.  Do we trust them?  Of course we do, our creations are now flying the nest and we are very much looking forward to sharing them with you all.

Many thanks to you for following us through our blogs, tweets and FB posts, stay with us now throughout our tour and let us know what you think of the show

sue lewis

Number Stations

The idea behind the music for Gary Lambert’s Axiom Tangent sprang from some audio clips I found of Number Stations.

Number Stations are a fascinating leftover from the Cold War. Most countries had a secret radio transmitter that broadcast series of numbers, often using a computerised voice, to spies in the field.

No one has ever successfully decoded a transmission, and no government has admitted to using this technology. I was particularly struck by one station, thought to be from East Germany that still broadcasts daily. It appears to be fully automated, as it plays the same recording over and over again, and the tape has been gradually degrading and stretching over the last 30 years.

I was fascinated by the image of this now forgotten machine, in a cupboard in some government building in the now unified Germany, quietly doing its duty for a country that no longer exists.

The idea of the sound gradually stretching was the basis for one of the other sections. Using software I stretched out pre-existing music without dropping the pitch. This stretched out music becomes unrecognizable and turns into weirdly beautiful ambient sound. I took some of the worst pop tunes I could find, and stretched them out to about an hour long.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where FFIN DANCE and Gary take Axiom Tangent

Oli Newman


Axiom Tangent

Axiom Tangent will be one of 3 pieces forming a triple bill called Inspired, which FFIN DANCE will be touring from March 2013

  • Choreography: Gary Lambert
  • Music:  Oli Newman
  •  Lighting: Karsten Tinapp

My focus and interest is working with visually abstract movement, through which the body becomes an expressive and aesthetic landscape. An approach that initiates from an interest in the articulation, manipulation, and syncretic use of various movement influences into a personal movement aesthetic.

Axiom Tangent was initially commissioned in 2010,  the work was a response to Oli Newman’s score, which was inspired by number stations (number stations are cold war recordings, sequences of numbers, transmitted at long wave by most of the cold war countries secret services)

This lead me on a tangent to think about the cold war and what it represented, for me confrontation, resistance and proximity, this lead the way as a starting point, to generate movement ideas based around confrontation, resistance and proximity, other inputs that informed the devising process, was, Sir Isaac Newton’s axiom 3rd law of motion. (“To any action there is always an opposite and equal reaction”).

I didn’t want the outcome or representation of these ideas to be a literal or narrative interpretation within movement and so the process was to abstract away from these possibilities: with the intention of presenting the transformation of such dark subject material into something of abstracted beauty and in a sense, the opposite visually from the initial subject materials starting point.

I’m very much looking forward to getting back into the studio with the FFIN dancers in the new year, try and catch us on tour

Gary Lambert