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Jasmine with FFIN DANCE workshops

Jasmine with
FFIN DANCE workshops

Rehearsals are starting to get busy as the days get nearer for the Easter Dance Faktry Festival. I am attending four dance classes a week with the dance faktry which add up to 5 hours a week! But in the end it all pays off when you have nice clean piece. 
One piece in particular has a small humour element (AYDC – Abertillery Youth Dance Company). This dance has a mixture of technical dance and theatre dance.  Theatre dance is a style of contemporary we’ve haven’t experienced before so it’s a great opportunity for us. The prop we are using surprised me at first, we’re using shopping bags! We are using them in a mixture of ways. The music we are dancing to is a drum and bass rhythm.
Another one of the pieces performed in the show is to the music “Green Onions”, which was in the film “The Blues Brothers”. This piece is performed by the class Leapers and this time we’ve had a whole bunch of under fives join us.

Also, lots of our younger children are developing their skills and knowledge of dance and are coming up with great ideas for their creative work.

As the years go on, I hope to develop further as I experience more opportunities with FFIN DANCE.  One day, I will hopefully succeed in my lifetime ambition of actually becoming a professional dancer!

Jasmine aged 11 ♥


Busy preps

Aimée Broad The Move Image Paul Trask

Aimée Broad
The Move
Image Paul Trask

As a member of Combination Dance,  The Move Youth Dance Company and a Leapers Dance group leader, I am busy preparing for our Easter dance faktry festival and have been for weeks, along with my fellow dancers.

As it is the first showcase of 2013 we are all eager to perform and set a high standard for the rest of the year.  I am currently recovering from an ankle injury, I badly sprained it and tore ligaments, which stopped me physically dancing for weeks on end, but I still attended classes to ensure I could participate by learning visually. I have been back in classes for a few weeks now, fortunately, just in time for the rehearsals and preparation of the showcase.

We, the members of Combination Dance will be performing a very vibrant piece, a work in progress, that we have been working on for a few weeks. Undergoing regular rehearsals, ensuring a lot of hard work, focus and commitment. The music for this piece is very different to the recent Combination Dance pieces, as it is a tango remix. This has been challenging in some ways, but refreshing in others, as we have had the opportunity as a class to discover and explore a new type of music.
The Leapers Dance class will also be performing a new, never seen before piece. The piece is very funny and funky, and the little dancers (some as young as 4) seem to enjoy every minute of it. As well as working hard to learn the choreography, they have have also been working hard creating their own movements and choreography to include in the piece, with the help of myself and the other group leaders. Recently we’ve had many new little Leapers start the class and they’ve all settled in very well, I hope they enjoy their first ever dance show as much as they’ve enjoyed learning the piece.
The Only Way Is Plastic, will be performed by The Move for the last time in he Easter dance faktry festival. We’ve all enjoyed working on and performing this piece, which depicts the importance of body image and appearance within society, and features hits from Duran Duran and The Rolling Stones. It’s a piece that focuses more on physical theatre than technical dancing, which is a form most of us have barely experienced previous to this opportunity, so it was nice to experience and widen our knowledge in a new area of dance. I’m sure we’ll all be a little sad to perform this piece for the last time because of all the fun we’ve had and skills we’ve gained, but we’re also looking forward to a new challenge.
Hope to see you at the show on April 5th at The Met in Abertillery
Aimée Broad – Youth Dancer