Time To Reflect


Usually in August, I can get a little time to reflect and think in terms of both where the company has been in the past year and where it is going to in the future year.  However August 2012 saw the company really take off in new directions following invitations to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and Tanz@Namedy in Germany.  As a result we were straight back into the studio to make my new work Missing Pages in September, and we haven’t stopped since!

I now have a little bit of breathing space to reflect before January.

I love the period of Advent before Christmas, but am ever mindful of the fact that Christmas time for some people is very painful having lost loved ones: I think particularly of the family of Keith Dykes, our Chairman of the Board, who passed away very suddenly this week.

The warmth of people at this time of year is a real incentive to assess the work that FFIN DANCE undertakes in the community and new projects are planned and waiting to go, funding permitting.  Next week we celebrate at the awards evening for SCARF Dance and Abertillery Youth Dance Company where our community dancers will be presented with certificates for endeavour, attendance and commitment.  I look forward to watching the youth dancers and children perform for their families and friends in an informal sharing, ending in a cuppa and cakes.  The community can be very proud of them.

A few weeks back, I looked back at a 5 year business plan that I wrote in 2007 and was amazed at what the company has achieved in that time.  Although I had the utmost faith that we would do what we set out to do, I never thought that we would surpass that by so much.

So a full circle has evolved: five years has passed since the Arts Council turned our grant application down and we have done it on our own! But never a person to burn my bridges, I am off for a meeting at the Arts Council of Wales tomorrow to see how things have changed in the funding strategy and to boast about the company tucked away in a small Welsh valleys town, who now have a world-wide following, over 517,666 hits on our website in 12 months and an audience that many larger companies would be very happy to have.  Wish me luck …

sue lewis

Countdown to Ed Fest 4

And so, one more sleep to go and then we are off to Edinburgh.  Cases packed and double checked (triple check tomorrow morning) and very much looking forward to our first time performing at the Fringe.  I picked up on a really useful piece of advice today on Twitter from @fringereview who tweeted that the Fringe need not be a rat race and you don’t need to race to enjoy it.  That really hit home for me, as I had started to feel the rat race groove, inadvertently being drawn in to an unknown environment.  This has put me much more at ease.

And so to travel, flying from Bristol tomorrow for our exceptionally early get-in on Saturday morning (6am!!) and opening show at 11am.
Hopping over to Dance Base later on then to see Andy Howitt’s show GOD – grumpy old dancer and do a bit of networking.  Second show on Sunday morning at 11am and fly back Sunday night.

As one trip finishes another one starts – we travel to Germany on Tuesday for a week spent in preparing for the Tanz@Namedy Festival curated by Gary Lambert.  But more about that next week.

Thanks for following my Ed Fest countdowns, chat soon….

sue lewis

Edinburgh – All Systems Go

The marketing and publicity for our visit to Edinburgh Fringe Festival is taking over the office at the moment.  Very exciting to be picking up our new postcards tomorrow.  

As this is our first time performing at the Fringe, we are keen to make a good and lasting impression.  We are hoping that venue programmers will like our show and invite us to tour  in Scotland with our new show – Inspired in 2013.

It would be great if you, our fans and friends, can give us a little help by helping to spread the word about our shows at C Venues in Edinburgh on August 4th and 5th at 11am.  If you are around the festival at that time, it would be marvellous to meet up for a coffee.

Images for postcards by Paul Trask and Jim Markland

sue lewis