An Inspector Calls Day 2

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Dancers notes

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Dancers notes

Day 2 in the studio didn’t disappoint, more super work explored. The images above are from Julian’s notebook, jottings of the things that have come to mind with the task in hand.
Today the dancers recapped on the tasks from yesterday, working on soliloquies.
We later started on the new tasks for Act 2 which involved looking at the relationships that Eva/Daisy had with each of the guilty parties.  As we are three dancers (1 male, 2 female) we thought to move away from gender-stereotypicality in some of the duets – we got through 3 out of the 7 possibilities.

Take a little peep here of our dancers working through the task.  Don’t forget that you can interact with us by using the speech bubbles on this page.

See you tomorrow …

sue lewis


Life with the company

End ofWhat an amazing and inspiring two weeks I’ve had in the studio with FFIN DANCE! I would like to thank Sue, Catrin, Effie and Natasha for making my experience such an enjoyable one, by making me feel welcome and part of the team. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time in the studio with you all.

Through joining company class with Ffin every morning and observing rehearsals in the afternoon, as well as learning sections of repertoire I was able to gain an insight into what it is like to be a part of a professional dance company. The dancers were always happy to help, advise and encourage me during class and as a result I have learnt so much more about myself as a dancer and areas in which I need to improve.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling experience of life in a professional dance company. It is a totally different environment to the training provided at university, and therefore I feel any opportunities given by dance companies to post graduates is invaluable to help bridge the gap between training and obtaining a professional job.

I have definitely taken a lot from my time with the company and appreciate all their guidance. I can’t thank them all enough!! I would recommend Ffin and the opportunities they offer to all post graduates looking to develop a professional dance career.

I am really looking forward to seeing the dancers perform their finished pieces on stage next year as part of their 2015 The Power Of 3 Tour!

Emma Jenkins

#missing pages

Hello all,

Its been a while since I have posted a blog here, this mainly due to needing to give my brain and body a rest in the evenings! It has been a very tough process so far both mentally and physically.

As many of you will have read we have spent the last two weeks researching, reading, improvising, creating, learning, structuring (and counting!) material for Sue Lewis’ new piece for the company entitled Missing Pages.

It is always an exciting opportunity to work with Sue in the studio as I feel we always tackle pieces from new angles and in my time with the company with some sort of stimulus. This time around we are using John F. Wake’s story for the company called Walter Walters. The story has led to many discussions within the company about what our own version of the story would be and the different ways in which we view the characters.

it has been a real pleasure creating movement that highlights certain aspects of the story for us and even though we are not acting out the story as such I have found that the movement content coming has a rawness to it and an internal intention that transform the movement into something else….I’m finding that quite a hard thing to try and explain!

It has also been lovely to welcome Adam back to the Ffin family. Adam and I have been working closely together over the past two weeks as we form one of the partnerships in the piece. I have found it very refreshing working with him as he constantly pushes me to find new and different ways of working, not going with what feels comfortable and pushing to try and find a more interesting alternative. Having a long rehearsal period to create the piece has allowed us to do this.

After creating a lot of material and setting it we are now going back to things and refining it; looking for those little things that may have been lost and making sure that we are not getting too comfortable and loosing these intricacies is something I think that we will have to constantly be doing in the future when we begin to tour the works.

On Wednesday I will be live tweeting throughout the day to show our followers what a day in the life of a Ffin dancer is. Please search for the #missingpages #dayinthelifeofaffindancer hash tags on Twitter to follow for photos and studio updates.

Thanks for reading