Premier performance of Traces:we are all just passing by

We are pleased to invite you to our new work by Tess Letham at our home theatre The Beaufort Theatre & Café Bar on April 15th 2023

Traces:we are all just passing by

The work explores concepts of how the memories of those no longer present in our physical lives linger on: how these people have influenced and shaped us. Whether their presence was fleeting or enduring, their traces have become an integral part of our personal histories, like tiles in a mosaic, forming a unique and intricate pattern that makes us who we are. And how we embody these patterns in our present, showing up for those around us in the here and now.

Tess, an Edinburgh based Dance Artist describes her work:

“My creations focus on human experience – constructing both obscure and deeply authentic environments, inviting the audience fully into an intriguing theatrical world.
I have spent extensive time studying the methods of Flying Low and Passing Through, created by David Zambrano, a main focus of my teaching practice. I am an ambassador for sharing this work across the UK and further afield. This has also become a vital part of my individual movement practice and philosophical understanding of what dance represents in the wider context of community and culture. Within my whole practice I seek an open and encouraging environment, nurturing the possibility to share, discuss, feedback and discover ideas with others”

Take a look at rehearsals here

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