Flat Out…

FFIN DANCE Image Paul Trask

Image Paul Trask

Just a speedy check in today folks:  this is a ‘full steam ahead’ kind of week for the company! We returned to the studio on Monday and are getting back into the swing of The Power of 3 triple bill ahead of our performance this Friday evening at Bedwellty House in Tredegar.

We also have a new arrival, Julian, to welcome into the fold who has been busy learning d-cay so that we can rework the piece from a trio into a quartet.

In addition, we have begun working on initial ideas for Sue’s next piece for the company, True. We have taken inspiration from an Estampie, both a musical form and a medieval dance. The dance form has not been well documented but there are indications that it contained a fair amount of hopping! As such, this is where our movement explorations have begun – with a quirky, off kilter but fun and playful feel.

Wednesday has also seen us working with students at Tredegar Comprehensive and Ffin Youth Ambassadors on the creation of a new piece that will be performed alongside our bill on Friday. Lots of hard work and perspiration have ensued thus far and will continue into our second rehearsal with all involved on Thursday. Am sure we’ll all be digging deep to give a cracker of a performance!

So there you have it, a little round up of what we’re up to this week. Lots of frenetic little thoughts buzzing about as we push on through!

Effie 🙂

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