Sunshine at Namedy

Namedy 2015 posterWe’re currently being treated to some gorgeous sunny weather which complements our surroundings here at Namedy perfectly. So much so, that both nights of our stay so far we have been able to remain outside late into the evening – enjoying the good company, conversations, card games and some incredible live music being played by fellow artists.

Of course, we are also spending time in the ‘studio’ ahead of our performances this weekend. It has been good to touch base with Gary once more, especially in terms of the parameters of presenting Retracing Emergence. Here, we are without the fourth wall of a traditional theatre setting which we have been used to encountering earlier in our tour. We have been rehearsing with defined ‘islands’ in the space, within which we can relocate, fragment and leave the trace of our physical movement language. It certainly feels different already, and I’m sure the sense of the piece will change again when we are joined in the space by an audience who have freedom to move amongst us.

There is definitely something to be said also for combining work and play, in keeping both ourselves and our work fresh for performance. Yesterday, Cat, Tash and I wandered down to the Rhine for a little bit of toe-dipping and swimming to cool off after our dancing exploits. I retreated to the shade fairly quickly in order to keep my pasty white skin happy (and Sue for that matter – I’m sure having dodgy sunburn marks for the weekend would not go down well!). As I sat back and watched, I was very struck by the relationship of this scenario to our explorations of Picasso’s 3 bathers for Fascination. Notably, I also saw a connection which I hadn’t previously thought of – when I saw Cat negotiating the rocks, with their surfaces of all different angles and steadiness, up and down from the water. It related very much to a little copycat interplay that myself and Cat share during Fascination – where we lose and catch our balance within our footfall with studious attention to observing one another’s feet. I look forward to remembering this image during our performances this weekend.

For now, it’s time to have a moment a peace in the sunshine (or more sensibly, shade!)

Effie 🙂

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