Gathering the scraps

Omaha Beach today

Omaha Beach today

After an indulging three weeks off, I begin to gather all my scraps of paper together to start with the lovely ladies of FFIN DANCE on Monday morning. Under a tight ten day creative period, it is of importance to me that I over-prepare, as those of you that are familiar with my lack of organisation skills will know that Megan and Lizzie tend to act as diaries for me! We say goodbye to Stand Up Straight and delve into a very different world from events that took place on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. 1 of 5 beaches that the American Allies tried to land in extremely unfortunate conditions. Little did they know that German general Rommel had every inch of the coast covered with canons, mines and explosives causing 66% casualties in only minutes of the initial attack.


Why had the men come ashore under the false pretext that they would be facing little to no enemy resistance on the beaches? What had gone wrong to produce such high casualties amongst the assaulting infantry? The tales and tribulations are endless from this tragic disaster, so the concentration for me as choreographer is to not recreate WW2, but to facilitate characteristics and highlight elements that can be explored through the human form. Creating an intensity and vulnerability for both dancers and audience members. That’s enough for now, but do follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates regarding new work.

Any burning thoughts or ideas are welcome for both my film editor and I, there are interactive bubbles on this page for your comments. Have a top week FFIN followers.


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