Stand Up Straight 3

Stand Up Straight Image Paul Trask

Stand Up Straight
Image Paul Trask

Evening all.

Just a quick blog for you after the glorious win today!! Excellent things occuring for the Welsh rugby team and with the winter closing in fast we at FFIN DANCE are hoping to follow with similar footsteps.
After our three weeks of intense rehearsing in the studio, I am pleased to see the re-construction of my work Stand Up Straight take shape accordingly. The company has embraced qualities and a presence in the space, which allows them to shift in and out of solo and duet work with ease and buoyancy. I am confident that the sections will nurture and ripen during time until we’re back in the studio again.
The biggest challenge we now face is adapting the piece to compliment each theatre on tour. Section two covers a lot of space and the detail in solo work must be seen in order for the audience to suffer with the same sense of disorientation as the dancers. This will be my first time as a professional dancer where I will be performing and choreographing/directing work, therefore preparation and awareness of time will be my main concentration leading up to all performances.
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Stay safe and enjoy the celebrations this evening.
Cat x

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