Fractal – The Finished Item

Fractal Image Paul Trask

Image Paul Trask

The past 3 weeks have been really astounding, the dancers have worked tirelessly from the wonderful Bach Suite in G Minor score and together we have created Fractal.

The dance unfolds in a series of episodes – solos that sometimes morph into duets and a quartet.  The overriding subject and title of the piece, Fractal, comes from the theory of fractals found in nature, science, mathematics etc where a small part of the whole represents the whole itself in a series of repeated patterns.  The score by Bach offers an ideal framework for this type of treatment with obligingly repeated motifs and figures in the music.  The suite written originally for dancing, is both simple and witty, abounding in contrapuntal motifs and rhythmic patterns, all of which have been embraced into the choreography.  It is this crafting of work to music that is my absolute penchant, having a profound love of form and structure.

The result is a 20 minute piece which is charming and athletic, a style for which our reviewers have commented upon favourably in recent years.  Fractal will sit well alongside Catrin Lewis’s work Stand Up Straight, and with Gary Lambert’s new work which we start in the new year; a great triple bill.  Look out for #stillstandingtour on Twitter and I hope you’ll join us at a venue near you in 2014

Here’s a quick shot at the final Gigue in Fractal, being rehearsed at our home studio in Abertillery last week

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