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FFIN DANCE Image Laura Mumby

Image Laura Mumby

Hello again.

In my last blog post, I shared with you the concept of my new work, Stand Up Straight for FFIN DANCE.  The work will be 1 of 3 pieces in the touring production of Still Standing.
Stand Up Straight is centred around the idea of Vertigo.

The sound score I have chosen compliments and highlights the physicality and subtle moments within the movement content. For the dancers to keep in unison, they have spoken words to follow in section 1. This immediately gives them a sense of togetherness and unity to carry on into section two. As one dancer comes to a standing vertical position there is a shift in both music and intention. This section is all about the dancers as individuals and how they react to the spinning sensation. To encourage more discomfort for them I composed music myself which consists of high intensity noises and strained notes, which fall in and out of tonal strength.  This is followed by a section of music by Jon Hopkins.

Stand up Straight has allowed me to design and demonstrate a specific style and motion of movement within extreme depths of choreography. The need to capture this essence has motivated me to further develop this piece with FFIN DANCE
I am looking forward to more incorporation of contact work in groups of four to increase the risk element even more and to over emphasise both the support/treatment and imbalance of hearing (trigger point for a Vertigo attack). I am happy to have the opportunity to take my work on tour around the UK as sharing my work to the general public is something that greatly excites me.  The whole process and end product is something that I am tremendously proud of, consequently the piece will continue to grow with the FFIN cast  later this month.

Originally I did not perform in Stand Up Straight, however I will now be taking a role with in the work.  This will be the biggest challenge for me I think!  We start work in the studio in less than 2 weeks, very exciting times ahead.  We’ll chat again then.

Cat xx









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