Masters At Work

Laura Mumby Photography

Laura Mumby Photography

I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend the whole day in the studio today without having to rush off to a meeting, or similar.

The day started with Ben teaching class: it’s been really interesting to watch the development in the dancers’ technique this week.  Such a great treat for them to not only be taught by such an expert in various techniques, but also a teacher who plays for his class.  In this way the musical phrasing for the exercises is played by the person who has set the exercise patterning, this is rare!!  I hope the dancers know how lucky they are (in fact I know they do appreciate it)


Our guests for company class, Dan and Jess, are developing too in their confidence around the sequences and looking much more assured.

As I write, Gary is teaching a wondrous meaty phrase full of shifts and changes of facings and energy.  Dancers looking great.  Gary makes it all look so easy, so effortless and this is very inspiring for the dancers, having such a great performer who has personal informed knowledge of his material is a great learning tool.

Ben is creating music on his laptop and already coming up with ideas for our time together in September (fingers crossed that we get the funding).

So indeed masters at work, and we can’t wait to share it all with you, hope you can get along to one of our performances

sue lewis

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