Axiom Tangent Taking Shape

Missing Pages Photo Paul Trask

Missing Pages
Photo Paul Trask

The arrival of our associate choreographer Gary Lambert met with a great air of excitement and anticipation.

We began work on Gary’s new work Axiom Tangent this week and it’s fantastic!  For the past 2 days the dancers have been working on some double duets, which will form a large part of the total material for the complete work.  The work is exceptionally physical and the dancers are digging deep working long hours with tough lifts and partner work.

Today we start on a larger group phrase, I’m sure that the dancers will enjoy the meaty phrase that Gary has prepared for them.

I have the privilege and pleasure of hosting Gary and our guest technique teacher Ben Craft at my cottage.  The tales that Ben and Gary share with me about their days together as children at The Royal Ballet School and later as colleagues together in Rambert Dance and Small Axe are worthy of published biographies – it’s like a living history of dance, with some hilarious stories thrown in.

We have guests with us in company class this week, which is always a pleasure – we hope that they are enjoying being taught by master teacher Ben.

Snowing at the moment in the Welsh valleys, completing a marvelous time that we are all experiencing.

Dancers blogs to follow, please join us

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