Wade In The Water 1

Wade In The Water

Rehearsals for our newest piece, Wade in The Water are going really well. We had our first work in progress performance on Thursday night (8/11/12) and considering small rush to create material, we received positive feedback from the other performers and artists.

We are currently working on 3 separate sections of the performance, which we aim to fragment and mix up for the final performance. Our first section we have completed a solid chunk of which we feel is working really well. Our feedback from the performance gave us a few new ideas to be working with and our new venture in the use of props is proving rich in terms of new movement vocabulary and ideas.

Not long to go now until our performance in the FFIN DANCE Winter Dance Faktry Festival in Abertillery, Wales. We are feeling really positive with how the piece is progressing and look forward to the performance here. Our latest work has been on some new lifts and contact work, it’s been risky stuff, almost resulting in a broken arm in our first contact rehearsal! It’s really refreshing for us to work in the way that we have for this duet and are excited for the outcome of the finished piece!

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