Back in the valleys…

We’ve just come to the end of week one back in Abertillery starting work on new piece Missing Pages. For me, it’s been my first experience working with Sue Lewis in choreography mode as opposed to director of the company in rehearsals and on tour (or as floor barre teacher if we go as far back as the Winter Dance Faktry Festival last year!)

It’s also the first time I’ve met Adam who bounded into the studio on Monday morning and is certainly a very exuberant addition to the team. My new interesting fact for the week has also come from Adam who, whilst I was eating my post-class morning banana, told me that the more ripe/ black a banana is, the higher its glycaemic index…so just thought I’d share!

Within the work itself, we are working as 2 duets with Meg and Adam paired together and Mike with myself. While Mike and I had a snippet of a duet in the cause and effect section of Synapsequence, this is the first time that we are working as a sustained partnership.

So I may be back in the valleys but it’s definitely a fresh new start for the Inspired season ahead!

Effie 🙂

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